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Ursula's About Phace™ Rittenhouse Makeup Studio is an Allure Magazine Hot Spot based in Center City Philadelphia, PA.
Celebrity Makeup Artist and owner, Ursula Augustine, is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over 25 years of experience working for some of the top names in the beauty industry. This professional specializes in makeup for photography-1080p HD, video, tv, print, red carpet, bridal, and runway. Augustine is a Philadelphia Wedding Magazine's 'Editor Pick" whose work has appeared in numerous bridal and beauty publications.

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-Bonzeye Brow Sculpting-
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"Ursula is an expert who takes the intimidation out of makeup and has been known to calm the most severe cases of pre-wedding jitters."~ Instyle Magazine

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Because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it has no advantages.  For decades brides have worn this makeup on their wedding day and gotten some fine results.  Brides today have an added advantage as they have a variety of makeup products  to choose from.  If you choose to go the traditional way, here are some benefits:

  • Traditional makeup provides a fuller coverage as compared to airbrushing.  Traditional foundation is available in a range of formulations. Some are for covering blemishes and eliminating the imperfection finish on the skin.  Once professionally done, it gives a glowing finish that the airbrush cannot give.

  • Traditional makeup is able to withstand extreme heat and rain.  To stand up to these demands requires professional prep and finishing touches.   A primer, a sealer and a setting spray should be able to give a lasting look like an airbrush does.


If you want something light and flawless or if you do not put on makeup, airbrushing is for you.  It does not leave you all clogged rather light and beautiful. Three important reasons why most brides choose it include:

  • For the camera. Remember you will be the center of attraction on your big day.  The Hi-definition cameras are able to capture every line from a sponge or a brush if not blended well.  For this, professional makeup artists have changed their rhythm to airbrush makeup application.

  • Neatness.  Though airbrush is expensive, it’s great makeup well worth every coin!  You don’t have to worry about bleeding makeup-retouches or a stained wedding dress.  You won’t have to worry how your makeup looks before you smile for the camera.

  • Gives a lasting look.  A silicone based airbrush foundation is water resistant.  It stays on point through all the hugs, kisses, sweat and tears. This liquid foundation does not compromise on the flawless goddess look.

  •  seamless coverage, 

  • flawless natural finish

  • non-comedogenic (it won't clog your pores)

  •  hypoallergenic 

  •      light-weight  

  • does not transfer

  • offers a bond that will stay strong for upto 24 hours



The difference between traditional (normal) makeup and HD makeup is that HD makeup can withstand extreme heat and light conditions, while traditional makeup tends to break down after a few hours under such extreme conditions.

   The light texture of HD foundations gives a more natural look, while the pigments blend with the skin- mimicking the look of natural skin and is less detectable on camera. 


Jason M

When I saw my bride during our first look, I was stunned with her beauty and elegance. Ursula did a wonderful job bringing out my wife’s natural beauty on our wedding day. I would have been brought to tears even if she wasn’t wearing makeup but seeing her that day is a moment I will never forget! 


Greg H

My wife has been going to Ursula for her eyebrow therapy for years, but this was her first time with the full makeup treatment. Ursula has a unique ability to accentuate somebody's natural features. She worked with my wife prior to our wedding to tie in her makeup with the dress, venue and bouquet to complete the overall aesthetic.

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Robert W

When I saw my bride she was stunning with beauty beyond my greatest dreams. Her presence and flawless features filled me with confidence, pride and joy that every groom wishes they had. Ursula's About Phace™ Rittenhouse Makeup Studio will make you fall in love at first sight at your wedding.



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