Congratulations you're engaged!

Wondering what's the next thing to do after you've said, "Yes!" 

Reserve your space at The Rittenhouse Mental Boot Camp for the Bride -To- Be (B2B). Whether you're at the beginning of your planning or days away from walking down the aisle we will get you mentally and emotionally fit in order to survive the wedding planning process and embrace your wedding day with a smile on your face and all friends and family in tact.

 Celebrity Makeup Artist and Certified Life Coach Ursula Augustine is the owner of the nationally recognized, and award-winning Ursula's About Phace Rittenhouse Makeup Studio - an Allure Magazine anointed "Hot Spot '' for Philadelphia. This January bride of 33 years, will impart valuable advice to help you build the foundation for bride-motional well being, and learn skills necessary to set healthy boundaries, resist emotional manipulation, and defuse rather than diffuse a situation. Skills that will serve you well - long after you say, "I do.".


Knowing what to expect before you begin planning and having conversations with your fiancé, parents, and besties will help you avoid (and resolve) the most common arguments, and challenges you will face, and start you off on the right foot for your blissful journey.

You'll celebrate your accomplishments and make use of the ways to keep the peace and your sanity while planning your wedding. 

So are you ready to say, "I do", sign on the dotted line, take the oath, and dedicate  yourself to becoming Bride Strong?

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