" I like what I do,

I do what I like."~MM

A Native Philadelphian, Augustine's journey to becoming a beauty powerhouse was anything but conventional. She didn't own, do, or wear makeup! One day to discourage dorm mates from constantly borrowing her clothes she decided to charge them a fee, never thinking they would pay. They paid. "Would you like some red lipstick (She borrowed from her roommate) to match the red sweater you're borrowing...? she asked, and so it began.


Early 1980's, This computer science major dropped out of college and began managing cosmetic and fragrance brands of some of the country's top beauty pioneers: Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent.


Early 90's: Stila, Bobbi Brown, and Francois Nars at luxury retailers: Bamberger's, Macy's, & Bloomingdale's. It was there that she honed her management and people skills as well as her natural talent for providing outstanding customer service. So much so, that she still services many of her 1980's customers at her Rittenhouse Makeup Studio to this day.

Mid 90' to early 2000's Augustine, now an Aveda artist, had the privilege of working with some of the world's most famous and celebrated people as the resident makeup artist at the Rittenhouse Hotel.


2007: In her quest to provide a more private, inclusive, and relaxed makeover experience this legendary beauty maverick and entrepreneur opened Philadelphia's first professional makeup studio, Ursula's About Phace in Rittenhouse Square, and launched her own beauty line, URS (pronounced yours), Cosmetics: Halal certified, natural and cruelty-free with vegan formulations and complimentary color palettes. 

Augustine has consistently championed a more inclusive approach to beauty, by creating beauty products for a broader range of skin tones for persons of all complexions, ages, and ethnicities.

Augustine remains humbled by the continued local and national recognition her award winning brand receives and for her many loyal clients, fans, and followers who she inspires to approach beauty and life in a passionate and inventive way.

In the decades since, Augustine has become famous for her  iconoclastic approach to beauty, with her signature classic, natural beauty makeup looks.

 CAGE: 7PU80    NAICS: 812112, 812199    SIC: 72310000, 59991301